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| Designbest editorial staff


ou sometimes might be unaware of the fact, but you are uncomfortable most of the time: in an office, the poor quality of the acoustics and the lighting affects negatively your everyday life. Two top brands that specialize in different fields have shared their experience, thanks to an idea by a forward-thinking architect, to find a simple and effective solution, functional and design-led too, to improve the quality of life in the workplace.

  • What is it  Hush is a “light&sound” soundproof lighting system produced by Martinelli Luce in partnership with Caimi Brevetti.
  • How is it special  The result of an intuition, Hush lights up sound to improve with a sole system, the quality of life in the workplace with practical ingenuity and cutting-edge technology.
  • How is it made  Aligned or cross-shaped, Hush is a modular system composed by individual suspended modules with LED technology with direct and indirect lighting. Designed by Martinelli Luce, it’s integrated with soundproof panels and made with Caimi Brevetti’s SnowSound technology that optimizes the acoustics of a space. Thanks to the material’s variable density, the panels absorb sound selectively at different frequencies (high, medium and low), despite their reduced thickness. The panels are made entirely of single-material polyester and are 100% recyclable.
  • Who is it by  Hush is a project by the architect, designer and professor Massimo Farinatti – he graduated in 1984 and studied under Marco Zanuso, one of the forefathers of industrial design. His designs result from a meticulous and practical methodology that taking into account of the available technology and resources as well as the customers’ aspirations and desires, gives life to products destined to last in time. Hush is Massimo Farinatti’s first project for Martinelli Luce.
  • We have chosen it because…  Hush improves the quality of spaces you spend a large portion of your day in, from open-plan offices to the shared spaces, creating a pleasant type of light and considerably reducing the incessant background noise that is generally around you.
    A fun fact? The name Hush is inspired by Deep Purple’s (1968) legendary song that talks about how important silence is to be able to hear something important.


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