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Icona Classic by Fantini - design Vincent Van Duysen, 2018

| Designbest editorial staff


emembering the past and looking towards the future, just enough functionality and... a hint of sensuality in the shapes. This is how Vincent Van Duysen, a real star of the world of design, describes Icona, the tap designed for Fantini and now available in new, extraordinary finishes. Cutting-edge technology, finishes with an industrial look and chromatic effects have transformed this tap into the new key player in the bathroom.


  • What is it: Icona Classic by Fantini, is a designer tap with extraordinary chromatic-effects. Functional, durable and easy to use as it combines classic-style with cutting-edge technology.
  • What is special: its design combines remembering the past with a contemporary appeal. The innovative chromatic-effect of the finishes has an industrial feel, deliberately rough and tactile.
  • From the distinctive colour Matt Gunmetal, to the warm Brushed Copper and the sophisticated Matt British Gold.
  • How is it made: it has a special treatment called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). PVD is a method for laying thin films on vacuum-sealed metal objects, keeping their surface intact. It’s used in the aerospace and biomedical fields as well and it allows you to obtain different nuances that are nontoxic and biocompatible too.
  • Who is it by: it’s by the Belgian Vincent Van Duysen, who is one of the most famous and appreciated designers around the world. Trained as an architect, Vincent Van Duysen designs furniture with simple silhouettes, elegantly redefining traditional shapes in a modern way.
  • We have chosen it because…  it expertly combines a classic taste with an avant-garde aesthetic. Similarly to a passe-partout, perfect anytime and anywhere, it combines an aesthetic that goes beyond fashions and trends with new finishes, transforming a standard tap into a designer object, a key player in the bathroom.



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