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| Designbest editorial staff


he latest idea for the kitchen from Euromobil, the Italian brand specialized in designer and contemporary kitchen and living room systems, is a concept of décor divided into three moods. Its philosophy begins with art and ends with nature in order to inspire, excite and guide us in choosing our ideal kitchen.

Monochrome, Contrast and Natural are the names of the three conceptual threads presenting us with the forms, finishes and materials the brand has mixed and matched with the skill and passion it has acquired over the years. It all begins with Monochrome, one of the key themes in 20th century painting, which Euromobil wanted to represent with Touch, a piece by Jorrit Tornquist exhibited in the brand’s Veneto showroom. Next, there are two other symbolic works that represent the other moods: “A regola d’arte” by Alberto Biasi for Contrast and “Adam and Eve” by l’oMa for Natural.

In contrast with Monochrome, the brand’s second mood, Contrast, makes color its strong suit and focuses on bold and decisive combinations that are capable of enhancing the minimal lines and clean geometries, providing almost any space with character. Lastly, Natural, the third and final mood, unites everything that recalls nature—where people have always taken refuge in order to find peace and balance. It calls on this timeless and universal value, which inspires art as well as architecture and design, and passes from more neutral tones to organic forms until arriving to the more and more popular choice today of using sustainable materials which are good for both us and the environment.

The result is a rich and comprehensive collection made up of material inspirations. Its compositional flexibility opens the doors to countless worlds composed of style and elegance without any breaks in continuity.



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