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Faber, Inside Up Hood

| Designbest editorial staff


he Inside Up hood by Faber, the leading brand in the production of kitchen hoods, has won the Red Dot Award in the category of Product Design 2021.

This minimal yet iconic built-in hood was able to reach this milestone by setting itself apart from other designer products with its impressive combination of aesthetics and innovation. Inside Up was designed by Whynot studio, which created a dialogue between geometric elements and sinuous curves, introducing two polar-opposite versions: the first is bolder and more hi-tech with a metallic glow, while the second comes in a more discrete and elegant white matte. A hood must be able to win us over with its technical performance; however, today it is no longer a mere appliance, but also a designer object which must be capable of being integrated into any kitchen while also leaving an aesthetic mark.

“Today the hood has become a full-fledged designer object in a continually more open space like the kitchen,” remarked Giorgio Grassi, Head of Global Category Management Hoods Franke Home Solutions (which the Faber brand belongs to). “That’s why our mission cannot be separated from solutions that combine attention-to-design with the development of more advanced functionalities.” The Red Dot Award, one of the biggest international design awards, especially recognizes products which enclose technical and technological innovation into an impeccably beautiful shell. In this regard, Inside Up does not disappoint. Elegant and modern, it contains a smart core that is capable of working with Faber induction hobs, automatically turn on and adjust the extraction power based on the needs of the moment. Moreover, thanks to the Tunable White function, it allows one to synchronize the intensity and the heat of the light (that’s right, it is also a lamp) to improve the atmosphere based on the innovative Human centring lighting approach.

This is once again a confirmation of the philosophy of Franke Home Solutions, which ranges from intelligent systems to practical ones that transform everyday kitchen routines into domestic experiences made up of simplicity, hygiene, ecology and good taste.



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