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Living Divani, storage Islands - design Stephen Burks

| Designbest editorial staff


legant design as well as a spectacular and dynamic structure; this is the perfect modern sideboard. Similarly to a theatrical stage, Islands by Living Divani has a versatile structure made of wooden slats, you are able to use in many different ways.


  • What is it Islands by Living Divani, is a versatile freestanding sideboard.
  • What is special Lightweight and contemporary, this sideboard has an extraordinary aesthetic, you are able to use in different ways. In fact, you are able to rotate the wooden slats that form the overall structure, constantly creating new silhouettes.
  • How is it made It’s a freestanding sideboard with a combination of open shelving and closed compartments. It’s constructed from wooden slats that at a first glance, appear to have been assembled casually. Thanks to a central pivot however, you are able to rotate the entire structure, similarly to a theatrical set. As a result, you are able to access the piece from all of its sides, according to your needs.
  • Who is it by Stephen Burks is a young designer from New York with a multifaceted approach to design. A season traveller, design has to respect cultural difference and know how to transform and evolve as a result. Collaboration with many international firms, studio Stephen Burks Man Made strives to develop innovative strategies that largely revolve around a handmade production. This is his first partnership with Living Divani.
  • We have chosen it because… Refined and lightweight, Islands’ main feature is its seemingly simple design. This versatile piece is in fact able to satisfy all of your needs, as it’s simple design encloses an infinite number of variations. 


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