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Elena Bompani, kit Itaca

| Designbest editorial staff


uppose you’re always travelling for work, your studies or just because you want to. Suppose you have to relocate to a different city and manage the move yourself. How can you make your new place feel like home? Simple: with Itaca by Elena Bompani. Itaca is a modular furniture set that packs in a bag and you can use to make any space feel like home.


  • What is it? Itaca by Elena Bompani is a modular furniture set which packs in a travel bag.
  • What’s special about it? Simple but such a great idea, Itaca is a flexible modular furniture set. This really functional lightweight furniture kit packs in a travel bag. It includes a range of multipurpose pieces in fabric and timber, which you can you use to build your very own home, a private space to relax, rest, read and work
  • How is it made? The Itaca furniture kit includes a flexible modular structure, which you can use to construct a clothes stand, bookcase, daybed, stool and desk. Inspired by lightweight furniture traditionally used by nomadic populations, Itaca is made from leather straps, beechwood slats and linen pockets, which you can assemble together to suit changing needs and space requirements. Plus, you can repack the structure in a travel bag or backpack.
  • Who is it by? Elena Bompani is a young designer with a nomadic soul (she has moved 13 times in 25 years), and she believes in good design because “you can use objects to tell fantastic stories”. In fact, her designs describe emotions, culture and magical memories, making us see new ways of living.
  • We have chosen it because… When packing, you tend to take all your favourite clothes and personal belongings with you. With Itaca by Elena Bompani, you can take your home wherever you go modular furniture kit is perfect for the modern-day globetrotter and turns any move or journey into a real adventure.


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