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Faber, kitchen hood K-Arta

| Designbest editorial staff


ylindrical, ephemeral and delicate; this is K-Arta by Faber. Recently launched at the 2017 Salone del Mobile, Milan, K-Arta is the latest kitchen hood by Faber. Body clad in genuine Fabriano paper, which conceals its ultra-technological beating heart.

  • What is it? K-Arta by Faber is a paper-clad kitchen hood.
  • What is special about it? K-Arta is clad in handmade Fabriano paper, made according to traditional manufacturing techniques. Nonetheless, K-Arta is an extremely durable piece, fitted with ground-breaking patented technology.
  • How is it made? Frame clad in genuine Fabriano paper (waterproof and oil-proof handmade paper), body fitted with cutting edge technology. K-Arta is built with patented Up&Down technology, in other words this kitchen hood comes down to the hob when in use and recedes into the wall when off. Part of the F-Light series.
  • Who is it by? In 1955, Italian brand Faber designed its first suction kitchen hood. Known all around the world for its cutting-edge kitchen hoods, Faber brings together superior design with innovation. Working in partnership with paper manufacturer Sandro Tiberi, Faber has managed to turn a conventional kitchen hood into a real work of art.
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ Who would have imagined to find a paper-clad kitchen hood? K-Arta is just like a real work of art; this piece successfully brings together cutting edge technology with traditional paper manufacturing techniques. 
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