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Faber, K-Link

| Designbest editorial staff


aber’s new, 100% Italian hobs are revolutionizing the kitchen. Entirely made in their Sassoferrato factory, these induction hobs are intelligent and state-of-the-art systems capable of communicating with the hood and automatically managing cooking, all thanks to the innovative K-Link technology, a smart radio wave system.

Elegant and versatile, the hobs equipped with the Bridge Zone technology allow one to combine two adjacent cooking areas for large pots or pans and to adjust the seven levels of power in order to ensure uniform and flawless cooking for any food. Most importantly, they automatically activate the hood when needed, as the hob and hood communicate with one another. Just start cooking and the hood turns on its own, adjusting its suction power based on the cooking level selected.

This intelligent system is always active as the radio signal never gets disrupted. The hood ensures maximum performance, waste is avoided and noise reduced. And not only! Thanks to the Double Intensive function cooking smells are completely eliminated in a just a few minutes without leaving a trace.

K-Link takes a step towards tomorrow and reinterprets the laws of cooking in order to offer us an original cooking experience, whatever the size of our kitchen. The hobs range from the classic 60 cm format to the large 90 cm one, and even to a space-saving 30 cm in order to guarantee maximum efficiency even in mini-kitchens.



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