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Kartell, lamp Kabuki

| Designbest editorial staff


aroque but also cutting edge. With a delicate curved silhouette, yet sassy and vibrant. We would love Kabuki by Kartell in our living room: colourful, caracterful, and a coquettish piece which flirts with the rest of our decor. 


  • What is it? Kabuki by Kartell is the neo-baroque floor lamp, which looks like embroidery.
  • What is special about it? Kabuki has neo-baroque aesthetics, but it’s fitted with cutting edge technology. This contrast is dramatic and really on trend. In fact, this lamp, which almost appears to be wearing a crocheted dress, is in a thermoset plastic manufactured using cutting edge technology.
  • How is it made? In a block-coloured injection moulded thermoset technopolymer. It’s crocheted frame looks handmade, but on the contrary it’s the result of ground breaking technology. Different colours available.
  • Who is it by? Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani was born in Cremona, he then moved to Milan to complete his studies and train in the industry. Throughout the years, Ferruccio has worked in partnership with some of the best Italian designers around. He currently has a foot in many different fields, from interior design to business communication and exhibition and museum displays. What’s his style? Discrete, current and with a great attention to detail. 
  • We have chosen it because… Neo-baroque yet with a really current vibe. It’s retro aesthetics fit in perfectly with our dynamic lifestyle.


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