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Kitchen Telero, design Roberto Gobbo 2018, Euromobil.

| Designbest editorial staff


e agree that the kitchen is for eating and enjoying oneself in the preparation of dishes whilst chopping and stirring. However, to truly turn it into the home’s most cherished room, it must also be capable of creating a welcoming and tidy atmosphere. Luckily, there are some kitchens that seem to have been made for this exact purpose…

  • What it is  Telero is a modular kitchen product by Euromobil.
  • What makes it special  Its name reveals its meaning. Telero derives from the Venetian word teler which means frame. Used during the Renaissance, it was the canvas support placed directly on the wall in order to create a fresco capable of withstanding deterioration (at least more slowly) in the humidity of Venice. In the kitchen by Euromobil, the key to the project is the frame that supports panels of various materials and exceptional fronts.
  • How it is made Made up of modular elements that are freely interchangeable, the structure of Kitchen Telero’s base units, cabinets and columns are made up of a thin and refined frame with a special striped effect. The frame allows the attachment of door and finish panels at a minimal thickness (4-6 mm) in various materials like colored glass (resistant, hygienic and recyclable) or Laminam porcelain stoneware. We can choose to combine or keep them uniform throughout the kitchen. The integrated handles complete the contiguous and minimalist visual effect.
  • Whose idea it is Kitchen Telero is a project by Roberto Gobbo, the architect from Treviso who studied at the IUAV University of Venice. A documentarian, designer of outfittings, installations and showrooms and industrial designer, he has collaborated with Euromobil Group since 1988. He has designed many kitchen systems for Euromobil, starting with Filò in 1990—still available today in its current version.
  • We like it because… Telero is a perfectionist’s kitchen. Each formal, functional and technological element is cared for in the tiniest detail so as to function without getting noticed. And when the pots stop boiling and the last plate is in the dishwasher, the kitchen becomes an inviting place to sit down and enjoy the view, because all that remains is what is beautiful… 


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