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Marble XGlass by Lago - collection Kitchens - design Daniele Lago

| Designbest editorial staff


ago, the Italian brand specialized in designer modular furniture, amazes us once again with a new collection of customizable kitchens that completes the brand’s rich catalog. Kitchens, which comes from the work of Daniele Lago and his team, aims for the perfect combination of aesthetics, solidity and simplicity, but with an extra edge: its infinite modularity. Contemporary lines, environmentally-conscious natural materials, clean forms and architectonic mimesis: these are the keywords that describe the soon-to-be-released Kitchens collection—modular to our liking. 


  • What it is Kitchens by Lago, the new collection of modular kitchens.
  • What makes it special Developed from the concept of a single square module 36e8, this collection plays with the perfect combination of natural materials that are meant to last and a contemporary and customizable style based on one’s needs.
  • How it is made The collection, which started from the 36e8 square module, includes five modules: 36e8 Metal XGlass, Marble XGlass, Wood XGlass, Wildwood XGlass and Fenix.  Alongside the handpicked, fine materials (from glass, to oak and Fenix) that ensure the highest and longest-lasting quality, they include technical details that optimize opening and movement systems and respond with the greatest flexibility for intensive use of the kitchen: from new sliding drawers to the technical bases for the appliances, the Tech door with its aluminum frame (highly resistant to knocks and stresses) and the Flapp handle— the outcome of Lago’s technological research, designed with an imperceptible line for a clean, stripped-down look. Additionally, there is the new Fenix top (in 6 color variations) which boasts of high anti-static and hygienic properties, the Laminglass top with an extremely resistant glass edge, and the Fusion top that allows one to play with contrasting volumes and materials. All of the kitchens are customizable in 150 materials and finishes, pairable with 11 pantries, while all the cabinets are internally lacquered and joined at 45° with aluminum filigree. Finally, there is also a complete series of accessories like the cutlery tray and non-slip bottoms for utensils and tableware.
  • Whose idea it is Daniele Lago, the brand’s CEO, who, along with his team, has always looked to the dynamism of design and flexibility of modular systems to give life to infinite compositions of décor for a unique look in every room. Innovation, experimentation, customization and care for the environment are the dictates on which Danie Lago bases each project for the creation functional solutions, impeccable aesthetics and people-oriented spaces. Ones, like this kitchen, that are capable of responding to the changes in contemporary living over time.
  • We chose it because…  This collection comes from a “simple” module and give us infinite combinations: 36e8 is made up of both the bases and cabinets and can be matched with bases with various depths to play with volumes and hold appliances in order to create a linear and clean look. Additionally, it best optimizes space in order to transform any room into a kitchen where efficiency and style live side by side to the highest standard. Moreover, its clean and contemporary line gives the kitchen the formal beauty of the living room for timeless and contemporary style.


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