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Knindustrie with Schönhuber-Franchi: KN-SF / Capsule Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


et yourself be embraced by the beauty of nature and amazed by the refined aesthetics of a new type of outdoor scenery. Transform your outdoors into the intimate and convivial space par excellence. The new capsule collection that KnIndustrie and Schönhuber - Franchi has dedicated to the outdoors came from this ambition—turning the outdoors into a secret and fantastic garden. It is an original creation, an explosion of trends, attitudes and style, where fabrics and mise en place get perfectly coordinated with furniture to give life to uniquely harmonious details, immersive atmospheres and modular solutions.


  • What it is KN-SF / Outdoor Collection, the new collection for the outdoors that coordinates KnIndustrie’s table accessories to the furniture of Schönhuber- Franchi.
  • What makes it special It is the perfect expression of “natural living”, i.e. that impeccable style that sees the outdoor space as a continuation of the domestic hearth. The garden, the terrace or the small balcony become magical, intimate and convivial places where one can enjoy infinite moments of relaxation, enveloped by a thrilling type of beauty.
  • How it is made This capsule collection mixes discrete appeal to the most intense emotions and plays with the unmistakable identity of KN—recognizable for its unique and versatile details that are capable of creating infinitely new scenes. The best of the KN products dedicated to the table, its setting and utensils for the preparation of food get completed for the first time with the outdoor furniture projects of Schönhuber- Franchi: tables, sofas, daybeds and chairs all in soft and weatherproof materials that define our outdoor space with an exclusive and completely customizable mood.
  • Whose idea it is KnIndustrie, the Italian company specialized in products for the table and kitchen with a distinct design, together with Schönhuber- Franchi, the Bolzano brand which has always been committed to the production of accessories and furniture for the home that reinterpret tradition with modern, functional and refined design.
  • We chose it because…  Fabric, materials, nuances, objects and décor get mixed together in perfect harmony and give us a magic and unexpected vision of the outdoors. It takes just one look to understand that this capsule collection does not simply create elegant atmospheres, but it envelops us with a real and true sense of wellness.


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