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Ethimo collection Knit - design Patrick Norguet

| Designbest editorial staff


he relentless search for purity, meticulous attention to detail and the poetic sensibility that gets reflected in every Ethimo collection, the leading brand in enveloping haute couture outdoor style, couldn’t help but get put into the new outdoor collection Knit—created in 2015 in collaboration with Patrick Norguet. The heir of Roger Tallon, Castiglioni and Alberto Meda, Patrick Norguet once again proposes his discrete yet determined and recognizable style in two new forthcoming pieces that enlarge the outdoor space with impeccable formal balance.


  • What they are The brand new two-seater sofa and armchair that further enrich Knit by Ethimo —the collection born from the hand of Patrick Norguet in 2015.
  • What make them special The two new outdoor pieces follow the collection’s genetic makeup by creating a dialogue with an outdoor space that speaks of comfort and wellness. The perfect combination of teak (finished or unfinished) and woven rope with minimalist and embracing forms emphasizes the functional elegance that Ethimo has gotten us used to.
  • How they are made The sofa and armchair play with large, enveloping proportions and soft volumes capable of keeping the aesthetics light and sophisticated while focusing on ergonomics and comfort. The structure is made out of finished or unfinished teak to which the rope making up the seats is woven. The seat and backrest cushions are covered with the new and refined Chess and Red Diamonds fabrics.
  • Whose idea they are The project is by Patrick Norguet, the designer of the entire Knit collection by Ethimo. The French designer worked in the industrial world before taking up his design studies in Paris. His success is especially owed to Italy, where in 1999 he created the Rainbow chair—a timeless classic now in the MoMa collection in New York. French in character with a marked Nordic verve, he has a taste for beauty that breaks with the pleasure of decoration in favor of mechanical components, extreme functionality and formal purity. An empirical approach is preferred in all of his projects, and he has established himself on the international scene for his atypical career dedicated to precision, determination and discretion.
  • We chose them because… The soft lines in perfect balance with formality, a sense of sophisticated and discrete colors perfectly paired with natural and prized materials: the aesthetic vocabulary of these pieces is the perfect interpretation of informal and elegant comfort. One can sense a taste for beauty in this outdoor collection that stimulates our senses and gives us a vision of dynamic, contemporary and decidedly relaxing home design.


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