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LightsOn, L09 outdoo stool by Studio Gellner, Luciano Marson e Gianmaria Sforza (photo Michele Silvestro) 

| Designbest editorial staff


f course we remember L09, the stackable wooden stool by Lightson, which was first designed in 1958. At this year’s Expo we have found a new unreleased outdoor version in metal. And once more, we were amazed by its multifunctional design. In fact, by slotting its components together in a variety of different ways, it can go from a shelf to a bookcase.

  • What is it? L09 by Lightson is a stackable stool, its components simply slot into each other.
  • What is special about it? L09 is a stackable stool, however not in the conventional sense. In fact, if you want to stack one on top of the other, you need to slot the legs of the first stool into the holes on the seat of the second. What’s more, it has a matching coffee table and by slotting its components together in a variety of different ways, you can turn this piece from a seat into a simple bookcase.
  • How is it made? It comes in two different sizes, available in either untreated or painted timber. In occasion of this year’s Expo, L09 comes out in a new limited edition version in metal, in five different colour, suitable for outdoor use.
  • Who is it by? Studio Gellner is run by architects Michele Merlo and Edoardo Gellner; they have redesigned the original 1958 version (by Edoardo Gellner), bringing it up to date. The Expo version was designed by Studio Gellner, Luciano Marson and architect Gianmaria Sforza, the latter is also the artistic director of "Arredo Urbano", a project run in conjunction with Expo 2015. Sforza also runs the practice PlayArchitecture, focusing on a wide variety of projects which go from architecture to design. 
  • We have chosen it because… L09 is such a versatile piece, it can easily be used in different ways according to where it sits, indoors or out: a bedside table for your bedroom, a coffee table with shelves for your living room, a space organizer for the terrace or the kitchen and even a playful piece for your kid’s room. And aside from being practical, you can put it together and take it apart in a second.
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