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| Designbest editorial staff


t is the first garden made exclusively for the indoors: a garden with sliding shelves that you can cultivate in the home. La Grangette, conceived of by the French company of the same name and designed by Pininfarina, is a genuine hydroponic greenhouse you can place in the kitchen as if it were a fridge.

It is a revolutionary project which this family-run business located in Avignon wanted to dedicate to lovers of year-round taste (both for what is good and beautiful). La Grangette combines authentic flavors and innovative design, simplicity and state-of-the-art technology. This unique indoor garden allows you to easily cultivate up to 64 plants at the same time, with the option of choosing between 43 varieties of lettuce, herbs and healthy plants.

 “La  Grangette is  inspired  by my  childhood  family  home and by the vegetable garden where my grandfather lovingly grew all kinds of vegetables in the countryside in the South of France” explained Thibaut Pradier, creator of La Grangette.And even though people have less time and space today, there is more and more attention being paid to diet and fresh foods. That’s why La Grangette “wanted to propose the same kind of experience, adapting it to the contemporary urban lifestyle: people today have less time and space but want to consume fresh, healthy products. So we came up with the idea of an indoor vegetable garden which, thanks to hydroponics techniques and the support of the most advanced technology, offers genuine, nutrient-rich products, grown to perfection, to be eaten when they are perfectly ripe.”

In short, it is a completely immersive agricultural experience aided by artificial intelligence. The AI offers a new and interactive way to discover the pleasure of directly cultivating fresh products in your kitchen with ease. Thanks to this amazing technology, La Grangette recreates the best conditions to perfectly grow your plants, requiring you only add water and nutrients. The result is truly surprising. When you slide open the greenhouse’s glass sliding door, you are immediately hit by an explosion of smells and flavors.

This is all without considering that the process is made for your health and energy-savings. La Grangette consumes 90% less water compared to traditional agriculture, does not require the use of pesticides and herbicides, and ensures a lower emission of CO2 during the plants’ life cycle.

In order to check the growth of your products, just use the La Grangette app which will guide you step by step during every phase of the plants’ growth (from the best seed positioning to the perfect moment for harvesting) and will provide tons of useful information on new plants and flavors, allowing you to check on your garden even remotely via your smartphone.

Available in three colors (light warm, cold grey and dark warm), with wood (oak, ash or pine) or wood and metal finishes, La Grangette is a futuristic piece of décor, but can already be ordered on the brand’s site www.lagrangette.com.



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