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Collection Home Office 2020, Lago.

| Designbest editorial staff


rom a company whose products find themselves throughout the home and who considers them to be a part of a singular system where objects of décor communicate, complement, complete and extend one another, comes a collection of furniture that derives from listening to and speaking with professionals and users during the recent months of lockdown.
We went to catch a sneak-peak at which solutions this intense discussion on the new needs in home and work design brought forth.

  • What it is  Home Office the collection by Lago presented during the Fuorisalone Digital event, which reinterprets all of the main pieces of the company’s furniture in a Home Office setting.
  • What makes it special  The Home Office collection was conceived of in order to respond to the needs of those work or study at home with design solutions dedicated to flexibility. The modular furniture and iconic products by Lago are enhanced with customizable space-saving solutions that are fit for various rooms—from the living room to the kitchen and hallway. The goal was to improve quality of life and work in everyday actions, as the glass surfaces and suspended furniture that are easily sanitized attest to.
  • How it is made  The Home Office collection includes Air surfaces and tables in Wildwood with new built-in drawers for more flexible use; Air bookshelves with shelves that become desks; the iconic Weightless bookshelf attached to the ceiling is offered to divide the rooms and create original work and study spaces at home. Greater flexibility and mixing-and-matching allow one to rotate the free-standing bookshelves and the working surfaces, creating a composition based on the space and necessity. There are numerous interior accessories (LED and electrical outlets) that allow one to customize the furniture to a tee. The 30mm fitted walls and the sideboards acquire the 36e8 Desk, which thanks to a drop-down door becomes a practical desk.
  • Whose idea it is  Home Office is a project conceived and developed by Lago in direct discussion with its community of architects, interior designers, dealers and clients during the months of lockdown. This isn’t a new form of interaction for Lago, who years before developed the idea of “participatory design”, i.e. projects that get enhanced by the energy that comes from the end user who tests the furniture and opens its doors for those who want to see its life in use. Lago’s design is characterized by light suspension, modularity and architectonic mimesis that fits various styles and contexts. The company led by Daniele Lago not only produces products, it designs and creates—in its splendid Lago factory in a Villa del Conte, Padua, Italy – endlessly customizable alphabets of décor.
  • We chose it because…  The last few months have been unique (we hope), but upheavals in home arrangements are quite constant in our lives—from the birth of a child to the hosting of a parent or finding oneself working at home. Organizing the furniture with a flexible system like Home Office is a guarantee for responding to new and even improvised demands without risking of turning our homes into improvised patchworks. And the speed with which Lago, who has made an alphabet of compatible systems its mission, has been able to prepare its elegant solutions for designer smart-working is not at all surprising.



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