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Picnic, the lamp inspired by traditional Japanese lantern

| Designbest editorial staff


icnic is the newest lamp, designed by Davide Groppi. It combines the romantic vibe of Japanese lanterns with LED technology. It does not need a cable and brings a touch of magic to both outdoors and indoors.  

  • What is it? Picnic is a portable table lamp which resembles a lantern and it's battery powered. 
  • What is special about it?  It's vaguely oriental and romantic at the same time; this vibe warms any space up. The hightech frame joins together fuctional LED lights and rechargeable batteries. It provides the ideal mood lighting – lasting 4 hours - suitable for either a dinner for two on the terrace or in the garden...
  • How is it made?  Inspired by a collapsible Japanese lantern, it is wireless and has a pivoting base and a practical handle meaning you can take it everywhere. In fact, it works with rechargeable batteries and uses LEDs.
  • Who is it by? Omar Carraglia is an industrial designer who plays with light and technology reinterpreting the coventional lamp. What for? Light is the inspiration for his minimalist design. Essential and modern, his pieces are both functional and unconventional. 
  • We have chosen it because…  It has a magical charm, which seems to be perfect for summer nights. Simple and elegant, this lamp is also special and functional - no need for candles meaning the wind won't blow them out -  for a terrace or a porch. 
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