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Oluce, detail lamp Las

| Designbest editorial staff


as by Oluce is a new floor lamp, which is both minimalist and versatile. Las is simply perfect for any modern interior. What's more, it's the right piece for all you design enthusiasts out there and also if you are looking for something new and discreet, which at the same time has a strong personality. 

  • What is it?  Las by Oluce is a floor lamp with both direct and diffused light.
  • What is special about it? With its clean-cut lines, Las looks like a conceptual sculpture and is a most dramatic piece, even when switched-off.  Las is inspired by the iconic photograph “Lunch atop a skyscraper” shot in 1932 (the one with construction workers lunching on a crossbeam). In fact, Las is the photograph's acronym. Las gives off either direct or diffused light, suitable for reading or flooding the entire room in light. Las is fitted with dual switch.  
  • How is it made? It has a laser-cut aluminium base and stem, diffusers in satin PMMA with metal reflectors. It has a built-in dual switch for both direct and diffused LED light. 
  • Who is it by?  Mist-o design is a design studio set up in 2010 by Japanese Noa Ikenuchi and Italian Tommaso Nani. The two designers met when they were students and started working together on a number of different projects, from photography to graphics and art. The studio name references "mist": its design style harmoniously joins together various small drops. 
  •  We have chosen it because… Las has a modern aesthetic combined with ground breaking technology; this makes for a functional and aesthetically pleasing piece. And this is perfect for a minimalist home office, a metropolitan living room and even a minimal-chic bedroom…
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