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FontanaArte, lamp lasospesa - design Stefano Boeri Architetti

| Designbest editorial staff


cylinder, or rather two, that captures and releases the light. This is the latest blood concept by Stefano Boeri, who at the Salone del Mobile 2019 focuses on simplicity to convey to the lamp new visual strength.


  • What is it lasospesa by FontanaArte, a new table lamp.
  • What is special Two concentric cylinders, a floating light: the strength of this lamp lies in its simplicity that lets the light speak and transmits an expressive and decorative energy. With an iconic and timeless style. 
  • How is it made This table lamp is made of two concentric pyrex glass cylinders: a cylinder of primary light suspended in a cylinder of diffused light. The exterior cylinder has a 10 cm diameter and is 30 cm tall, while the "suspended" internal light has a 6 cm diameter and is 22 cm tall, closed by two satin nickel discs that additionally act as heat sinks and hide the cable and the led light (a cable-less version is available too). The lamp is available in four different finishes: clear and striped, sandblasted, painted copper and smoked. The result are different effects, from a soft one with warm tones for colourful finishes to a lighter and clearer one for the transparent and acid finishes.
  • Who is it by Born in Milan in 1956, the architect and urban designer Stefano Boeri, is best-known for his eclectic style. Stefano Boeri  is a university lecturer, has written for several international design and architecture publications and is the new President of the Triennale Milano. Established in 1999, the work of his practice ranges from design to architecture, from installations to overseeing exhibitions.
  • We have chosen it because… lasospesa by FontanaArte has an extremely simple, timeless-classic aesthetic that captures the eye and minimalist design that encourages you to come in contact with light. Besides, it’s a versatile contemporary lantern, easy to move too that creates geometries of light and floating imagery.


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