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Armadio al Centimetro collection - Lema Air Cleaning System.


| Designbest editorial staff


The topic couldn’t be any more relevant: the sanitizing of clothes and what we wear when we leave the home and find ourselves in public or private spaces (from public transport to the office or supermarket) when air circulation isn’t sufficient. Normally we worry about bacteria, allergens, carbon monoxide and dust particles that could penetrate our clothes with even severe consequences for our health. However, in these days, unfortunately, it is a virus that is concerning us.

Lema—the international Italian design brand who has invented and continually perfected the industrial production of wardrobes made to satisfy its clients well-being—is here to propose us with a sanitizing system for clothes that is also effective against viruses. It was developed to improve our well-being and protect us from allergies or respiratory problems long before the emergency that struck the entire world a few months ago.
And it is not surprising that it is a company whose attention to wellness goes hand in hand with the search for high-quality aesthetics and the functionality of its products who has proposed solutions that have anticipated the times and have come to be truly important—as has dramatically been seen in these days. We are speaking about the Lema Air Cleaning System, the worldwide exclusive trademark proposed and drawn up by Lema’s center of research and development in over a year of studies taken place in collaboration with a university department.

It concerns a device that purifies the air and all the clothes inside the wardrobe by destroying up to 90% of the odors from clothes and leather or fabric shoes based on the technique used for the sanitizing of aerospace, hospital, medical and food production environments—spaces where air cleanliness is one of the main concerns.



The technology is obviously complex and not easy to explain, but Lema provides us with the parameters to understand the subject more in depth, if we so desire. In short, Air Cleaning System generates a photocatalytic reaction (trademark technology PCO-PX5 of Dust Free, Photocatalytic Oxidation) inside the wardrobe thanks to the interaction of nanotechnology with a special UV lamp. The photocatalytic oxidation, based on the interaction between light particles and semiconductors, produces the highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) capable of destroying organic (chemical and biological) contaminants.
This means that the Air Cleaning System produces, in a safe and non-toxic way a natural active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide H202, one of the most effective elements in fighting viruses.

The process of sanitizing gets activated through a switch inside the wardrobe that also allows one to select the cycle’s duration, which can vary from two to eight hours. Silent, space-efficient and with a refined design that doesn’t affect the aesthetics, it is available as an accessory for the wardrobes of the Armadio al Centimetro collection by Lema.

If it is already normally important to sanitize the wardrobe to reduce allergies and respiratory problems, in these times it is even more so and Lema Air Cleaning System contributes to removing at least a small part of our worries.






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