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Living Divani, Lemni armchair - design Marco Lavit

| Designbest editorial staff


an a leather armchair surprise us with just one move? Of course, if it is able to combine architecture and design in a minimalist look, just like this artistic model made with a few curves.


  • What it is Lemni by Living Divani, the new sculptural armchair.
  • What makes it special This sculptural seat, which makes graphic design its strength, is the surprising evolution of the traditional leather armchair. Curves and lines are intertwined to create the perfect balance between a slender structure and a suspended seat. Its expressive power goes beyond mere functionality as it almost becomes a work of art.
  • How it is made It is a suspended leather seat with a black steel-tube structure and an interweave of lines and geometric figures. This armchair for the living room or bedroom goes beyond the concept of comfort in order to become an element of pure décor.
  • Whose idea it is Marco Lavit, the Italian designer born in 1986 who founded his studio Atelier LAVIT in Paris in 2014. With a penchant for mixing architecture and design, he moves with ease between these two worlds and is also influenced by his work in photography. His goal is to get to conceptual minimalism by carrying on with a timeless creative process.
  • We chose it because… It is a sculptural piece of furniture which turns the classic armchair into a spectacular piece of décor with an architectonic vein (the designer’s specialty) and an “universal” look which gives personality to any space.



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