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Instabilelab, wallpaper Light+Light

| Designbest editorial staff


ou could describe this innovative wallpaper as a “dash of light”. This spectacular landscape in fact, captures the daylight and lights up at dark, creating an evocative feel.


  • What is it Light+Light by Instabilelab, glow-in-the-dark wallpaper.
  • What is special It represents an innovation in the field of wallpaper design. Thanks to fluorescent pigments (hand painted in certain points), the wallpaper recharges with either the natural or the artificial light and automatically lights up at dark.
  • How is it made In fabric-non-fabric, Light+Light reproduces on the wall several types of landscapes with light sources (street lamps, chandeliers, the moon). Thanks to employing a special fluorescent pigment paint (in certain points), the wallpaper captures either the natural or the artificial light and subsequently lights up at dark. 
  • Who is it by A Venetian firm started in 2015 by Stefano Munaretto, Instabilelab focuses on a sustainable design and manufacturing process, thanks to an in-house team of experts. Innovation and creativity are the strong points of this young Italian firm.
  • We have chosen it because… IT creates spectacular landscapes and magically lights up the room, every day and every night. With Light+Light by Instabilelab, you feel as if you were strolling under a street lamp, dining light up by an evocative baroque chandelier or relaxing on your sofa under a cascade of lights…


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