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Liquida collection, designed by Davide Tonelli, Ceramica Fioranese 2018.

| Designbest editorial staff


iquid”, dynamic and flexible. This is the latest collection by Ceramica Fioranese that with retro decorations and earth tones, you are able to lay in endless fashionable ways. Including a spectacular wallpaper effect.


  • What is it: Liquida by Ceramica Fioranese, a new collection of tiles, the evolution of the traditional cement tiles.
  • What is special: Its high modularity is the collection’s strong suit. Eight different geometric patterns, earth as well as velvety tones, geometric patterns from the fifties and ancient forms of graphic abstraction: nothing is missing from this collection that allows you to mix-and-match its tiles in endless ways, whether it’s the small format or the large slabs decorated with micro-textures that produce an astonishing wallpaper effect.
  • How is it made: It manufactures porcelain stoneware, the most resistant tile material around, with the most modern technology as well as digital "cold" printing that allows you to obtain a better resolution and a higher quality of colours, guaranteeing the same effect of natural lime on the satin surface of the tile. The standard size is 20x20 cm, although the large micro-texture, decorative slabs with the same graphics of the collection are 120x260 cm.
  • Who is it by: It results from the happy partnership between Ceramica Fioranese and the designer Davide Tonelli, who incidentally is the art director of d-segno, the graphic design and product design studio started by the designer at Fiorano Modenese in 2016.
  • We have chosen it because… It transforms traditional tiles into a unique sartorial wall finish. His style is "liquid" by name and by nature, because it adapts to entirely different spaces and moods, inventing in every space a constantly new fashionable background. Without losing sight of the general harmony of the space. 


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