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Magis, lamp Lost - design BrogliatoTraverso 

| Designbest editorial staff


n empty circle, a ring, a bold aesthetic. What are we talking about? An extremely special lamp as it creates imperceptible silhouettes with a magical light.


  • What is it Lost by Magis, a new lamp
  • What is special It creates magic by focusing a void: it replaces a standard lampshade with a 2cm-thick circle that hides adjustable lighting. Lost creates a distinctively dramatic effect.
  • How is it made Its stem supports a 2cm-thick circle, integrated with lighting that produces over 4000 lumen. Besides, you are able to adjust the uniform lighting that runs along the entire circumference. It's available as a pendant lamp, a floor lamp and a table lamp.
  • Who is it by Started in 2014, Brogliato and Traverso are the founding partners of the namesake design studio. They define their design method with the motto ““no time, no space” that relates to their intent to create timeless objects, suitable for any space. “Simplifying” is another key aspect of their work that pushes them to design minimalist silhouettes with a few imperceptible details that add a personal touch nonetheless.
  • We have chosen it because A circle and a line: no lamp could ever match this for its simplicity and purity. Although, its minimalist style represents authentic innovation as by playing with light, it transforms a void in magic, creating a dreamy, poetic and contemporary feel.


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