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Lema, LT40 System - design David Lopez Quincoces

| Designbest editorial staff


ideboards, containers, paneling and wall units that get harmoniously mixed and matched. This is the new concept of contemporary home design by Lema: a true philosophy that speaks the language of sophisticated, versatile and functional aesthetics.


  • What it is LT40 by Lema, the modular furniture system.
  • What makes it special It is a modular furniture system that not only offers countless solutions, but establishes the boundaries of contemporary home design. It is a tale of completely versatile and elegant design.
  • How it is made It is a comprehensive and customizable system that includes containers and wall units in four configurations: floor, sideboard, wall-mounted and paneling (matte lacquered and in the W_Line wood version with handmade 3D graphics). Conceived for complex compositions, it shows itself off in its individual elements which can be used in any space: from the living room or home office wall unit, suspended containers in the hallway, convenient paneling in the bedroom, and a sideboard fit even for the kitchen.
  • Whose idea it is David Lopez Quincones, the Spanish designer born in 1980. After moving to Milan in 2005 he began collaborating with Piero Lissoni, and in 2007 he opened his own Quincoces-Dragò&Partners studio in Milan and Madrid. His style aims to eliminate superfluous and banal features in order to reach formal and design purity.
  • We chose it because… Simple, yet innovative and completely versatile, this system stands out for its bold character, while the materials and finishes create a harmonious and sophisticated compositional mosaic.




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