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Luciole Lamp, design Marco Merendi e Diego Vencato 2019, Advanced Collection, Emu.


| Designbest editorial staff


here was a moment in which we feared to have lost it forever. Struggling with the excruciating light of the first LED lamps (or alternatively with the toxic fumes of paraffin candles), it seemed that magical and intimate atmosphere, with delicate and suffused light, illuminating the table just to enough to lend delicacy to the plates and shine to the glasses, was a chimera.

However, it’s possible once again with a new generation of LED lamps—ones not only of capable of adding poetry to one of the most criticized energy-saving indoor and outdoor technologies, but also with a series of unthinkable practical benefits. We can discover all of them with the new lamp for the outdoors designed by Marco Merendi and Diego Bencato for Emu called Luciole—Italian for fireflies, evoking the delicate light of those little beetles on the first nights of summer.


Luciole Lamp, design Marco Merendi e Diego Vencato 2019, Advanced Collection, Emu.



First of all, it is a wireless lamp that we can put anywhere without having to check if there is an outlet nearby—no complicated extension cords and no risk of tripping.
It works with rechargeable batteries. When the lamp is low on battery, take off the diffusor cap and with a USB cord connect it to any outlet. The battery lasts around 8 hours. It generally doesn’t need to be charged for days. To turn it on and off all it takes is a click of the finger.


Luciole is a lamp that was made for the outdoors in the tradition of Emu. It is made of a plastic resistant to atmospheric agents—but it is actually also fit for any space in the home. There is nothing simpler than picking it up by its small hook and bringing it where needed. When the warm season is finished, we can bring it inside (and if by chance there is a surprisingly mild evening, we can bring it back out with us). A small, magical and portable technology. 


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