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Désirée, sofa Ludwig - design ufficio stile Désirée - Gruppo Euromobil

| Designbest editorial staff


hey are multiple aspects of a sofa that grab our attention when we are deciding on which one to bring into our living rooms. It starts with style, then goes on to materials, size, its compositional elements and then to modularity. It must of course be consistent with our lifestyle and in harmony with the aesthetics that best represent us. Then there is the fascination that comes from particular geometries: simple, rigorous and mathematical ones perfect for creating domesticity suited to minimalism. And here there is no lack of historical references as Désirée demonstrates with its new Ludwig seating system.


  • What it is Ludwig by Désirée is not simply a sofa. It is both a versatile system and a purist that looks to the geometric clarity of its compositional elements by using the rational principle of subtraction as an exercise of synthesis.
  • What makes it special Just look at it. Its geometries are a tribute to 20th century design and architecture history. Need a hint? The World Fair in Barcelona in 1929. And its name is also revealing name: Ludwig. Indeed, we have before us a contemporary revisiting of furniture by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, one of the undisputed masters of International Style.
  • How it is made It is characterized by 9-cm high parallelepiped padding which is completely removable and embellished by stitching at 24 cm. The upholstery is finished with a tone-on-tone trim. The base is made up of two parallel orthogonal metal legs. The canonical backrest is replaced by a cylinder-shaped single-seater, 30 cm in diameter, with a matching pillow. Ludwig is coordinated with the Kubic sofa. Their pairing creates a formidable play of empty and full spaces capable of reestablishing an original and stylistically defined living space.
  • Whose idea it is Ludwig comes from the style offices of Désirée - Gruppo Euromobil, where technical, design and industrial knowledge come together—a product of consolidated entrepreneurial experience in the various sectors of home design.
  • We chose it because It is a balance made up horizontal and vertical lines, like a painting by Mondrian. It is an example of elegance than can marry the living room of style rigorists or, in contrast, maintain a scene with delicate discretion in a historical residence. It is versatile to point of being able to even stay in a meeting room or the offices of a bank.



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