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Elica, kitchen hood Lullaby - design Fabrizio Crisà

| Designbest editorial staff


wooden shelf that crowns the cooking area, recessed lighting for the perfect mood. The new exposed kitchens focus on simple yet characterful details. Besides, they discretely hide the latest kitchen hood on the market: powerful, sophisticated and equally suited to an open-plan living room.


  • What is it Lullaby by Elica, a kitche hood recessed in a shelf.
  • What is special It’s hidden in a large shelf in weathered oak, suspended from the ceiling. The sole visible part is a large LED panel that hints to a standard recessed light, adjustable as regards to light tone and intensity.
  • How is it made On the outside, it’s a 120 cm-long shelf in weathered oak, suspended from the ceiling. The air suction system is hidden on top of the shelf, on the contrary the visible part directed towards the hob is 3 m long and includes an air suction system and lights too with 30 watt “full-light” LEDs. You are able to adjust the tone and intensity of the light with a practical remote control in metal and glass that controls the suction mode too. The kitchen hood is available with a finish in weathered oak or in wood lacquered in “soft-touch” white.
  • Who is it by Fabrizio Crisà is Elica’s design centre manager. Born in 1973, Fabrizio graduated from industrial design from the University in Rome and now oversees the brand’s art direction&product design. A history and modern design buff, he strives to combined aesthetic rationality with technical innovation.
  • We have chosen it because… It’s dramatic in its simplicity and its unconventional aesthetic is bound to trick everybody in believing it’s an extraordinary lamp. The perfect combination of stylistic research and cutting-edge technology, this kitchen hood won’t feel out of place in the living room too.


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