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Riflessi, clock Capri - design Riflessi LAB

| Designbest editorial staff


here are two new clocks among Riflessi’s accessories of décor. Time is a category of thought, an abstract dimension that accompanies our everyday gestures, moments and emotions. Time eternally passes by in the same way but can, with the imagination, contain the memories of the places and cultures that pass through it. That’s how Capri and Positano, the new large clocks designed by Riflessi, come to life; and how a bestseller like Portofino gets renewed.


  • What are they Capri and Positano by Riflessi are two new large wall clocks which are an homage to sunshine and the light that envelops our most beautiful Mediterranean coasts and islands. New variants for the Portofino clock are added as well, which is by now a consolidated success in search of renewed appeal.
  • What makes them special The Capri and Positano clocks play on the beauty of reflections by presenting themselves with the function of reverberating light and heightening the perception of the space that they reflect. The bestseller Portofino is a refined clock whose texture recalls the rocky landscapes of the Ligurian coast.
  • How they are made Capri is an asymmetrical oval clock with a mirrored surface and ample dimensions (70x110 cm). Positano is a circular clock with a 100 cm diameter that is marked by a textured, mirrored surface with gold-finished serigraphy. Portofino has been proposed in the new Calacatta Oro version with golden details on a white background and delicate veining, and Noir Desir with black and gold surfaces that recall the textures of the highest quality marble. Both finishes are available for the 100 and 120 cm diameter clocks.
  • Whose idea are they The collection of mirrors designed by Riflessi comes from within the company, specifically from Riflessi LAB. Designers, technicians and master craftsmen collaborate in the creation and production of cast-molded mirrors. It is a technique that allows one to obtain specific, unique and originals forms, which can also be customized, in order to stylishly furnish one’s home.
  • We chose them because…it is a reference to the magnificence of Italian geography—its colors and warm Mediterranean light. It is a way for us to remember the vast variety of places, landscapes and traditions that mark time throughout its history.



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