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Martinelli Luce, Sistema U - design Studio Natural

| Designbest editorial staff


t’s an art to light up art—which doesn’t always find itself in museums. There are those lucky enough to cultivate this passion privately. And fame is not a requisite. Even apparently mundane objects can become so evocative that they merit their own special place. In the end, we give value to our memories and emotions.

In no other case does light play such a key role. It is right to direct one’s choice towards those products that best carry out this purpose, as is the case with the new Sistema U by Martinelli Luce.


  • What it is The Sistema U by Martinelli Luce is made up of direct-light adjustable spotlights mounted on tracks of varying lengths.
  • What makes it special It is extremely versatile and the adjustability of the spotlights is made easier due to a unique swivel joint and magnetic attachment that embraces and connects to an electric track.
  • How it is made It has an LED light source, ensuring excellent chromatic light quality with interchangeable optics. The Sistema U can be attached to the ceiling or wall or can be hung with wires from the ceiling. The system is available with a pendant wire or with adjustable spotlights complete with ceiling rose and an adaptor for the electric track.
  • Whose idea it is This extremely interesting new project has been designed by Studio Natural. It is a multidisciplinary design studio that has won numerous international awards. It boasts of well-rounded design experience that ranges from product design, communication, graphic design and art direction. It was founded by Alessandro Paoletti and Marco De Santi in 2012.
  • We chose it because with the letter U words like useful, union, unique and upgrade come to mind. The spotlight is linked to the track as if in an embrace. It attaches and detaches through a magnet and the Sistema is in continual transformation because it can add or eliminate spotlights, move them around and adjust them, hitting the objects with the light that we desire.


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