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Martinelli Luce, lamp Frog - design Emiliana Martinelli

| Designbest editorial staff


t’s time to take back the garden or terrace with a view over city rooftops. Plants, flowers and the evening cool are becoming more than a simple desire. They are necessities. And while the country slowly reopens towards a cautious normality, the option of staying safely outdoors represents an opportunity to organize its décor: a table, chairs, a daybed, a sunshade and…the lights for outdoor dinners. Many solutions are available on the market, but a new release stands out in 2020: the Frog lamp by Martinelli Luce.


  • What it is Frog by Martinelli Luce is an outdoor lamp with an adjustable direct light. The base’s shape, together with the lamp’s curvilinear body, recalls the posture of its namesake. It is ideal to be placed in the grass, among pots or behind a jasmine shrub in bloom.  
  • What makes it special It is an extremely versatile product that is both beautiful to look at and, due to its light weight of around 2 kg, easy to position. Its appeal goes from the natural to the post-industrial, making it even fit indoors for informal metropolitan style.
  • How it is made The lamp’s body is made in polyethylene with rotational technology. The base is in black-painted aluminum. It uses a 3000k energy-saving LED bulb (with life cycle of about 25,000 hours, class A+). It available in three different colors: octane blue, yellow or black.
  • Whose idea it is Frog comes from the design of Emiliana Martinelli. Born in Lucca in 1949, she graduated from the Institute of Art and later on in industrial design and architecture in Florence. She then went on to join the family business, the historic Martinelli Luce founded in the 1950s. In the company she holds the roles of entrepreneur, designer and art director.
  • We chose it because It is a lamp that brings together flawless state-of-the-art technology with a design that draws inspiration from natural forms. Frog reminds of us of its namesake’s subdued croaks that musically punctuate and color warm summer evenings. It is an object that perfectly carries out its function while providing pleasing aesthetics that are cared for in every detail.


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