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Riva 1920, armchair Maui Soft

| Designbest editorial staff


hat about the iconic Maui armchair by Riva 1920? It started out as a cedar block that was then turned in a curved silhouette. The brand’s latest revisitation, Maui Soft by Riva 1920 is a padded armchair upholstered in leather that preserves the same liquid silhouette of its predecessor. The perfect piece to sink in during Christmas.


  • What is it? Maui Soft by Riva 1920 is the updated version of the iconic Maui armchair.
  • What is special about it? It’s identical to its predecessor (originally designed in 2008), beside for its extremely soft all-embracing frame, perfect for snuggling up all winter-long.
  • How is it made? Padded plywood shell upholstered in leather with exposed stitching, and solid timber feet.
  • Who is it by? Born in California, the designer Terry Dwan has her office in Milan but works internationally too. Terry’s work includes architecture (private homes, interior and exterior design projects) and product design (furniture, silverware, porcelain ware). Several of Terry’s pieces are part of the permanent collection of the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.
  • We have chosen it because… Maui Soft by Riva 1920 is a sculptural armchair, its cocoon-like silhouette is perfect for snuggling up all winter-long. The perfect piece to place in front of the fire in your living room.


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