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Riflessi lounge seat Meghan - design Carlesi Tonelli studio

| Designbest editorial staff


hen we speak about a lounge we are talking about a room designed for welcoming and guaranteeing a general sense of relaxation. A place, between the public and private, where, while waiting for a departure or meeting, we sit and pass the time between pleasant conversation, background music and reading.

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with translating this principle into our private lives. The principle of surrounding oneself with objects, décor, colors and scenery—evoking and giving off wellness—remains intact. And it is in these contexts that the role of comfortable, relaxing and beautiful seating becomes fundamental. Neither an armchair nor a chair, ambiguity is the theme of Riflessi’s new proposal: Meghan.


  • What it is Meghan by Riflessi is a lounge chair whose soft and enveloping form synthesizes the concepts of relaxation and comfort with special attention to the design that outlines its aesthetic contours.
  • How it is made The silhouette develops by following a continuous line starting from the lower part—a minimal and slim structure in wood or painted metal—to reach the curved form of the cushioned seat, which is made even more embracing and welcoming thanks to its cushions. The upholstery is available in a wide range of fabrics, while the base structure can be made in various finishes, including brass, titanium and steel.
  • What makes it special There are two references that the Meghan lounge chair recalls in those who observe it. The first is the design that taps into the language of the great Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. Who can’t see the traits in Meghan of the legendary Swan Chair? But there is also a tribute to feminine forms, flowers and the beauty of nature which always offer something to aspire to.
  • Whose idea it is The Meghan lounge chair comes from a project of Studio Carlesi Tonelli. Specialized in industrial design, the studio—opened in 2004 by Davide Carlesi and Gian Luca Tonelli—was founded on a dynamic approach with various distinctive traits: rigor in design, minimalist style, technical research and the continuous evolution in materials and production technology.
  • We chose it because comfort united with formal beauty is what makes everyday life a pleasure that rejuvenates us—which is indispensable for facing the many commitments of the day with a new approach.


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