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N.O.W. Edizioni, Milano Wallpaper Collection - Galleria

| Designbest editorial staff
ry this: think about top Milan landmarks and imagine to decorate your home with them. Then, take a look at Milano Wallpaper Collection by N.O.W. Edizioni, the wallpaper series by Italian architect Pietro Gaeta, inspired the city of Milan. Don’t you think this is extremely original and sophisticated?  
  • What is it? Milano Wallpaper Collection by N.O.W. Edizioni is a wallpaper series, inspired by the city of Milan. 
  • What is special about it? A wallpaper series inspired by top Milan landmark buildings. Each wallpaper pattern is extremely original and decorative. 
  • How is it made? In the background, a vertical relief pattern in gloss and in the foreground, one from a range of different iconic Milan buildings: from the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to the Navigli. 
  • Who is it by? Italian architect Pietro Gaeta, who began his career as assistant to iconic designer Alessandro Mendini. In 2010, Pietro Gaeta set up his own practice: N.O.W. Architecture & Design Lab.  N.O.W. Architecture & Design Lab rapidly made a name for itself for a versatile project base, which goes from residential to commercial architecture. 
  • We have chosen it because… There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to wallpaper design. However, Milano Wallpaper Collection has something the other lines don’t have; this range is both on trend and timeless. Furthermore, you can own real architectural masterpieces, dramatic or subtle as the case may be, to suit individual tastes and decor schemes.


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