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Unical, air-conditioning unit Mimo

| Designbest editorial staff


his air conditioning unit has a personalised cover. This idea could seem simple, yet it’s a touch of genius. In fact, it transforms a nondescript appliance into a unique piece of furniture that blends in with the rest of your décor.


  • What is it Mimo by Unical, an air-conditioning unit with a decorative cover.
  • What is special Its decorative cover (with a choice of a bird, butterfly or heart) protects the air-conditioning unit and transforms it into a unique decorative piece.  This brilliant design won the Good Design Award 2018, awarded by the Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design to the most innovative products for their functionality, conceptual research, material employed, sustainability and the aesthetic, of course.
  • How is it made The personalised cover is in perforated aluminium and goes over the air-conditioning unit or the outdoor unite on your balcony or terrace, as it hides it from plan sight. The structure is in painted, zinc-steel and the collections of perforated panels includes: Butterfly, Bird and Heart, in other words climbing plants, a bamboo bush and a decorative gate, embellished by a miniature in polymethylmethacrylate inspired by the decorative motif (a bird, a butterfly and a heart). Assembling it is quick and easy: you fix the panel to the same bolts as the feet and you wall-mount it thanks to a stainless steel cable.
  • Who is it by Unical is an Italian brand at the cutting edge of home heating. Started in 1972, it designs and manufactures industrial and home-heating and it has currently expanded its home-heating sector with design-led cutting edge pieces.
  • We have chosen it because… An air-conditioning unitwith a coveris undoubtedly a smart idea: it’s a fun, unique idea and whether it’s on a terrace or a porch, it’s blends in with the rest of the scheme. Understated design.



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