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ho would be willing to climb to look at himself in a mirror? It would be only a real narcissus. Narciso is the new thought provoking piece by Officinanove. Actually, Narciso is a mirror placed at the end of a step ladder. This is the ultimate challenge!


What is this? Narciso is a mirror at the end of a step ladder. It turns a simple beauty moment into a real challenge.

What is special about it? We like its irony. Food for thought: you must overcome all obstacles if you want to reach perfection!

How is it made? Narciso is in metal, available in either white, sugar-paper blue, milky-white and mint green.

Who is it by? Sebastiano Tosi, one of Marc Sadler's ex-students. This eclectic designer is only thirty-five years old but has already left his mark on the design world. Tosi is also one of the minds behind Bombol, a make of kids' furniture. His chief aim: to translate his ambitious dreams into reality.

We have chosen it because... It makes us smile, laugh and think. What's more, Narciso  is also thoughtful towards those who don't intend to accept this challenge. In fact, in a single moment, it becomes a very practical coat stand and bookcase.  

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