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| Designbest editorial staff


he technological evolution of the revolutionary kitchen hobs, part of Elica’s NikolaTesla collection (that pays a tribute to one of the most brilliant – and long forgotten – inventors throughout history), is progressing. In addition to integrating in one sole appliance two parts that would generally be separate such as the hob and the hood (whether it has a suction or extractor fan), Elica’s new products include a brand-new, amazing cooking mode, whether you prefer gas or a cutting-edge induction system. A result of combining technology, functionality and aesthetic, the quality of the design, elegant, meticulous and simple, is just as impressive.

  • What is it  NikolaTesla by Elica is a collection of kitchen hobs that have an integrated suction system as well as innovative cooking modes.
  • What is special  Here, cutting-edge technology simplifies food preparation, as well as reducing your energy consumption. The new feature of the Libra induction hob is a scale, designed to weigh all the ingredients directly in the pot as you are cooking. On the contrary, Flame, the new gas hob, is perfect to cook with a Wok.
  • How is it made  Libra is a top of the line induction hob in ceramic glass. Above the centre of the hob, there’s a suction kitchen hood with an integrated, extremely powerful suction fan that eliminates all the fumes. With the scale, you are able to weigh all your ingredients at any temperature as well as when the hob is switched off. It works simply and intuitively.
    Especially designed for gas, the Flame kitchen hob has an integrated suction hood that additionally serves as a flame for a Wok pan. It’s extremely easy to clean: all the supports in cast iron for the pots and pans that are placed on the ceramic glass top are removable and dishwasher proof. The two styles are available with optional suction or extractor hoods.
  • Who is it by  NikolaTesla is a project created by Elica and Fabrizio Crisà, the design center manager as well as the head of art direction & product design within the marketing innovation department. Trained as an industrial designer, Fabrizio Crisà has been working with Elica from 2005, combining a strong aesthetic sense with a quest for innovative technological solutions.
  • We have chosen it because…  The NikolaTesla hob collection represents a new dimension in the world of kitchens. Appliances are loyal allies that perform their tasks independently and silently. Thanks to user-friendly technology, your everyday life is increasingly simpler, and cooking is quicker and easier to control. We strongly recommend you to try it and wish you “bon appétit”!


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