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NikolaTesla Libra by Elica - design Fabrizio Crisà

| Designbest editorial staff


hree in one: here is the first hob that pulls its weight. It is a revolutionary model that not only integrates a superpowered extractor, but also includes an extremely precise scale for weighing, even while cooking. It’s one for the most exacting of chefs.


  • What it is NikolaTesla Libra by Elica, the first hob with an integrated scale.
  • What makes it special It is the first hob that, beyond having a built-in extractor, transforms into a precise scale. Incredibly practical, it works while the cooking areas are on or off. Placing a pot down and adding food is all it takes to measure ingredients to perfection, even whilst cooking.
  • How it’s made It is an aspirating induction hob with an integrated scale. All one must do is place the pot on the hob (while on or off) to weigh ingredients, even those added during cooking. Thanks to the autocapture function, the hob automatically regulates the aspiration of the induction with five times the power of the fumes released. Intuitive and easy use, it has an interface that allows one to control the cooking, aspiration and scale functions. The induction hob with four cooking areas is made of glass which allows for the use of two adjacent areas together (for larger pots). The removable and dishwasher safe cast iron grill hides the removable and washable odor and grease filters. It is available in aspirating and filtering versions.
  • Whose idea it is Elica, a leader in the production of cutting-edge hoods and hobs. The NikolaTesla project has been created in collaboration with Fabrizio Crisà, design center manager and director of art direction & product design in the marketing innovation department which has collaborated with Elica since 2005.
  • We chose it because… This hob is not one but three steps ahead for its design, power and innovation; but even more for its ability to do everything in the kitchen while taking up such little space: like having the help of an expert sous chef.


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