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Ethimo, Nodi collection - Paola Navone

| Designbest editorial staff


ete, Punto Croce and Camouflage are the names of Ethimo’s new Nodi collection of rugs designed by Paola Navone. These rugs provide a genuine textile story and have been made to furnish the outdoor space with the same comfort and intimacy of indoor spaces.

“This collection of outdoor rugs was born out of the charming tradition of artisan weaving.” stated Paola Navone. “Soft and thick, these rugs are made with macro yarns in three different color shades. Grain weaving creates abstract geometric same-color patterns in the weft. Their poetic, slightly distressed effect tells of the sense of living that is inherent in a Mediterranean soul.”

Expertly handwoven, the three carpets in the Nodi family use macro yarns which, thanks to a special treatment, produce a wooly effect. The rugs’ names hint at their weaves (Rete, Punto Croce and Camouflage), and the entire collection gets tied together by the sober and elegant mix of colors of its Mediterranean atmosphere.



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