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Zucchetti, collection Nude

| Designbest editorial staff


ore than any other room, the bathroom is where you take care of yourself. These simple rituals are full of meaning. Your personal wellbeing is combined to a very specific need for aesthetics that turns a standard utility room into a most enjoyable space. The bathroom is an intimate space, in which nudity stands for transparency. Nothing is more enjoyable than light that reflects into a pool of water. And this is what has inspired the Nude tap series by Zucchetti.


  • What is it? Nude is series of bathroom taps by Zucchetti, taps can be wall-mounted or mounted directly on to the units. Knobs are in blown crystal.
  • How is it made? Body in brass, knobs in brass and crystal, combined with other materials that are corrosion and limescale resistant. Chrome is available in a black or rose gold finish; this contributes to the aesthetic quality of the crystal knobs. Units have Zucchetti screws and ceramic disks.
  • Who is it by? Nude is by the French designer Sybille de Margerie, who studied architecture at the prestigious École Boulle and for years has been working with her own design studio in the fields of office and luxury hotel design. Of herself, she says “My main aim as an interior designer to achieve the perfect balance between tradition, innovation and creativity. A describe myself as an architect with an “art de vivre” vision that combines culture with creativity and translates it to a typically French type of luxury.
  • We have chosen it because… Sybille de Mergerie’s style is feminine and poetical. This is apparent in the soft silhouettes, the rounded details of the NUDE collection without giving up on function and attention to detail. Pleasure, comfort and style are brought together in a timeless collection that will resist to passing fads and fashions.


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