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Regenesi, O-Re-Gami mobile lamp

| Designbest editorial staff


e have fallen in love with this pendant lamp: O-Re-Gami by Regenesi. And as the name suggests, origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, is the main inspiration of this piece. A concern for nature is also paramount: lampshade in recycled leather, with cutaways borrowed from tailoring. Undoubtedly, O-Re-Gami by Regenesi has a magical vibe. 

  • What is it? O-Re-Gami by Regenesi is a series, which includes two pendant lamps in recycled leather (Lampshade and Mobile Lamp).
  • What is special about it? O-Re-Gami is sophisticated yet subtle, a natural piece with something magical. This pendant lamp, available in two different styles (Lampshade and Mobile Lamp), is in recycled leather and recalls the ancient Japanese art of origami. What’s more, the lampshade is also inspired by tailoring: cutaways create interesting contrasts of light and shadows. Even when the light is turned off, O-Re-Gami still fills the room with a touch of magic.
  • How is it made? Each lampshade is individually manufactured using vegetable tanned recycled leather. This manufacturing process is completely natural: leather is treated with water, salt, fat and India rubber and then stained with chestnut flower. Lampshade has a shade which opens downwards like the corolla of a flower; this plays with different solids and voids. Mobile Lamp has a built-in metal hook, so it can be hanged anywhere you like.  
  • Who is it by? Matali Crasset is an industrial designer, best known for her creative process; she brings together art and craftsmanship, industry and fair trade. And this is what she did for Regenesi. In fact, after her involvement, this Italian brand now focuses on sustainability and reducing its energy footprint. Joining the two together couldn’t have resulted in any other outcome: recycled materials used to make luxurious and exclusive pieces.
  • We like it because… The ancient Japanese art of origami is clearly referenced here and this lamp, which looks like folded paper, creates a suggestive juxtaposition of light and shadows. O-Re-Gami is a minimalist and sophisticated piece and above all, completely sustainable. O-Re-Gami is also well liked by the planet. 
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