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Molteni&C, sofa Octave - design Vincent Van Duysen

| Designbest editorial staff


olteni&C and the designer Vincent Van Duysen’s successful synergy continues in 2020 with an interpretation of the brand’s refined and rigorous spirt in an original project that recalls the great age of American design of the 1960s. Octave, the new system of modular sofas is inspired by the comfortable living rooms that overlook the city from a skyscraper’s large glass windows. It is a comprehensive, versatile and timeless collection where the subtle search for proportions and volumes creates a graphic interplay and a unique and sophisticated atmosphere in perfect Molteni&C style.


  • What it is Octave by Molteni&C, the new system of modular sofas.
  • What makes it special It is a modular system that has turned rigor into an expression of extreme versatility. Thanks to its freely composable elements, it can create an endless number of scenes for a dynamic living room where one can experience a completely convivial atmosphere.
  • How it is made It is a project with minimal geometric lines that is based on freely matching elements in order to create linear, angular or free compositions, thanks also to the insertion of suspended trapezoidal or rectangular elements. The structure (low, padded, rectangular backrests in leather or fabric) rests on thermowelded steel feet. Meanwhile, in order to guarantee maximum comfort, there are complementary cushions that are rectangular or square and a headrest that can be freely positioned. In addition to the traditional linear or angular elements, the collection is finished off by joining rectangular or trapezoidal elements furnished with convenient leather trays that can be freely used or combined to create a chaise longue or pouf. Ideal both for a domestic living rooms and a home working space, this system has been studied to support laptops, small printers and tablets.
  • “The Octave sofa collection is a subtle research into proportions, creating a graphic interplay of geometric volumes. The feet are the stars as they highlight the sofa’s lightness, as if it were almost suspended in mid-air. Note also the raised border, which hints elegantly at the proportions of the volumes and the leather accessories that enrich the compositions.”  Vincent Van Duysen
  • Whose idea it is Vincent Van Duysen, the Belgian architect and designer whose strength is his refined rigor. The brand’s creative director, his work ranges from large scale architecture to interior design, working around the world with the biggest design brands. Functionality, durability and comfort are the keywords of his architectonic language. His projects are always characterized by pure and tactile materials, by a linear and timeless design and by stylistic integrity–the outcome of his modus operandi that he defines as “underestimated complexity”: finding the perfect balance between that which is enough and that which too much in order to create a space that from the outside seems simple, but which hides an extremely high level of detail and complexity.
  • We chose it because…  Minimal, but not cold, this system creates a refined living room: tidy in its stripped-down aesthetics, but with a strong personality that stands out at first sight. A light living room that seems almost suspended in mid-air and is characterized by its “detailed” elegance.


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