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Magis, Officina High Back armchair - design Ronan e Erwan Bouroullec

| Designbest editorial staff


inuous, enveloping, upright and light, this lounge armchair is an emblem of pure idleness and a delicate, elegant and reassuring expression of relaxation. It is like a ballerina who twirls in order to enchant us with spectacular atmospheres in which we can get lost for hours.


  • What it is Offcina High Back by Magis, the new lounge armchair with a pouf.
  • What makes it special It is the latest release from a versatile collection made to offer complete comfort, which includes both indoor and outdoor furniture made from wrought iron. This detail transforms this lounge armchair into a light and sinuous “ballerina” that invites us, on its tip toes, to give in to relaxation.
  • How it is made The latest release from the Officina family, this lounge armchair has a high backrest and a large seat with a galvanized or gray-antracite-painted wrought iron frame to which a pouf footrest in the same style can be added. It comes with either fabric or leather upholstery.
  • Whose idea it is Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the French designers (born in 1971 and 1976, respectively) who together founded their self-titled studio in 1998. Their style is a mix of formal perfection, creative freedom, and distinctive features. Working in everything from furniture to architectural projects, the creative duo has collaborated with the leading design brands, always focusing on innovative materials in full respect of the environment.
  • We chose it because… This is the perfect season for pampering ourselves and lazing away without feeling any guilt. And on this sinuous and light armchair with distinctive features, making yourself comfortable will become a new and exclusive mark of class.



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