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Sofa Oh, it rains!, design Philippe Starck 2020, B&B Italia.

| Designbest editorial staff


he event is that it had never happened before. The world’s most famous designer and creator of masterpieces which have made design history makes his debut collaboration with one the most well-known, historic and renowned Italian design brands.  These two pillars of the furniture design scene have created a piece in their first time working together that has all the makings of becoming one of the milestones of design; so much so that the company defines its “the ideal forbearer of a new category of product”.
We went to check out a preview of it.

  • What it is  Oh, it rains! sofa and armchair is one of the new outdoor seating collections proposed by B&B Italia in 2020.  
  • What makes it special  With unmistakable brilliance and an ironic touch, Oh, it rains! knows how to get noticed. The enormous board that makes up its backrest is first and foremost a spectacular scenic element capable of making every space special and creating an intimate atmosphere thanks to its ample dimensions. But that’s not all because the oversized backrest can be folded with a clear purpose: to protect the sofa from the rain.
  • How it is made  With a solid aluminum structure, a thin foldable backrest and compact shaped polyurethane upholstery, Oh, it rains! seating distinguishes itself for its refined fabrics. It is made by the best Italian textile workers from dyed polypropylene yarn—a choice that guarantees greater color rendering. Thanks to a special spinning technique these fabrics come out visibly warm and natural to the eyes and touch while remaining perfectly waterproof and water-resistant. The over 30 new combinable pattern, color, edging and surface effect proposals available in this year’s B&B catalog allow for customizable choices to create spaces with unique identities. To finish off the sofa and armchair, there are little side tables with Mediterranean stone surfaces (which with a cushion become armrests) that can be attached to the two sides of the sofa.
  • Whose idea it is  Oh, it rains! is a project by Philippe Starck. Indeed, we could just leave it at that because he is a designer who, by going beyond the limits of the sector, has become a household name. Always surprising and never mundane, Starck enjoys himself, plays, desecrates, invents and creates furniture and objects that change our perspectives on things without ever losing sight of functionality: in short, a genius. His studio in Paris has been churning out successful projects since 1979 (his first products—inflatable furniture—actually go back to 1968) for the most well-known design brands; and this is actually his first project for B&B Italia.
  • We chose it because…  As the maestro explains there is outdoors and then there is outdoors. Despite the latest sophisticated water-resistant fabrics, we still run out to collect the cushions, so they don’t get wet the minute it starts to rain. And that is exactly what Oh, it rains! wants to avoid, because all it takes is lowering the backrest: a second after the last drop of rain has fallen the sofa is once again ready to embrace us. As Starck says about the project, “It is not about style, it is not about trends, it is just about… rain”.




Video Oh, it rains! by Philippe Starck - Outdoor Collection 2020 - Credits B&B Italia.

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