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Floor lamp Alba, design Mariana Pellegrino Soto, Oluce.

| Designbest editorial staff


mongst its latest releases, in the refined setting of Milano Design City, the oldest Italian company still active in the designer lighting sector presented new versions of its icons designed by the great masters in a new eye-catching look.

  • What they are The new finishes of some of the most iconic lamps in the collections of Oluce, the world-class Italian designer lighting brand.
  • What make them special  They are lamps which, thanks to the perfect match between a company and its genius designers, are already born “special” due to their innovative form, functionality or materials. Having become real and true classics of design over the years, ones capable of transcending trends and eras, the attentive expansion of their range of finishes proposes a refined interpretation of contemporary luxury.
  • How they are made  The new, refined coatings of Oluce’s historic collections come from the colors of noble and precious metals like gold and bronze. They are called anodic bronze and glazed satin gold, and a variety of lamps come with new looks. Let’s start with the most famous of all, the Atollo lamp designed by Vico Magistretti in 1977, the celebrated cylinder, cone and hemisphere composition awarded with the Compasso d’Oro, now proposed in a new anodic bronze version. Available in the same finish, there is also the Pascal table lamp (Magistretti), the suspension and floor version of the Alba collection by Mariana Pellegrino Soto, and the timeless lamps by Joe Colombo that showed off the first halogen bulbs in 1970, today replaced with LEDs. In addition to these, there are the Kin and Lens lamps by Francesco Rota and the Lys lamp by Angeletti & Ruzza proposed in anodic bronze, and also the Semplice lamp by Sam Hecht in the new glazed glazed satin gold finish.
  • Whose idea they are  The new finishes are a project by Antonio Verderi, for years has been at the head of Oluce, the Milanese company that brings together the craftsmanship of its production with the capacity to be present on the international market. Fully aware of the value of the products that have written its (and design) history, along with the research developed with young emerging designers on new products, Verderi constantly adds to and technologically improves the brand’s icons and proposes colors and finishes in line with the times in order to keep his precious icons contemporary.
  • We chose them because…  An icon is forever, but it isn’t a given that it must stay the same for all of eternity. Intelligently and attentively adding some new finishes can actually give an object new life and allow us to insert it into contemporary spaces in order to create compelling harmony or contrast. And the new, refined interpretation of contemporary luxury of the Oluce collections captures the elegant and measured trend of our times.


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