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Radiator Window, design R&S Cordivari - Beatrice De Sanctis 2019, Cordivari.

| Designbest editorial staff


here’s a breath of fresh air from Teramo to Pescara. Located in Abruzzo, southern Italy, Cordivari, a giant in the world of design-led home heating makes way for the fresh ideas of the young students of the Product Design course of the UED (the European University of Design, in Pescara), who are still unencumbered by technical/ commercial restraints. This partnership shines a light on new talents who deserve to be discovered and subsequent to a precise course of industrialisation, it has led to the production of an object destined for our homes.

  • What is it  Window, is a plate radiator with an integrated towel rack, manufactured by Cordivari.
  • What is special It combines a radiator and a rowel rack, two objects that are generally present in people’s bathrooms. Window is one sole object (a plate radiator), although you are able to use its two functions at the same time, thanks to the fact that it opens easily.
  • What is it  Window is composed by a heated plate in colourful steel and a removable frame that serves as a towel rack that additionally frames the pieces on three sides. The two parts are available monochrome or in alternative, they are combined with two different colours, chosen from the 80 that are part of Cordivari’s colour range. As a consequence, Window seamlessly adapts to any bathroom décor.
  • Who is it by  Window was designed by the young Beatrice De Sanctis, a final year student of the course in Product Design at UED, in Pescara. The opportunity to transform a University project into a mass-produced object is the result of the fruitful partnership between a University and a local brand. Prompted by a desire to support the creativity of young designers, this partnership was coordinated by Cordivari’s Marketing and Communication department as well as the professor Monica Alegiani who runs the course on “Home systems”.
  • We have chosen it because…  Primarily for its practical intelligence, as Window is a radiator that optimizes the space of your bathroom (often at a premium).We additionally appreciate its interaction with a generally fixed piece (you open and close it to suit your needs), its spectacular three-dimensional effect and the fact that it’s available in many alternative colours. Simple, practical and customizable, this object is friend in every home.


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