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Sapiens Design, lamp Oplàmp - design Alessandro Mattia and Gloria Gianatti

| Designbest editorial staff


ho says that a table lamp isn’t a constant source of surprise? This design is proof: composed by three cones that rotate freely, it projects different spot-lights and moods at every turn. It lights up every day.


  • What is it Oplàmp by Sapiens Design, a three-in-one lamp.
  • What is special A vase? A megaphone? A sculpture? When switched off, this lamp is able to trigger your imagination. And when on? It inspires you and transforms the simple gesture of tuning on the light in an endless game.
  • How is it made It has a body in ceramic and a base in oak with integrated LED technology. Thanks to its shape that results from joining three cones together, its body rotates in three different directions with just as many ways of adjusting light intensity: a tall table lamp with ambient lighting, a reading light with ambient lighting or two different ambient lights. It’s available in six different colours.
  • Who is it by The product and interior designers Alessandro Mattia and Gloria Gianatti are the founding partners of studio Sapiens Design. What’s their design philosophy? Every object, even if mass produced, has a unique life and creates links with people. Starting from the soul of every object in fact, studio Sapiens Design creates products that stimulate curiosity and imagination.
  • We have chosen it because… It has a distinct contemporary, geometric design, yet we were won over by its playful air. Besides, it transforms an ordinary action (tuning the light on and off) into an extraordinary game. 


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