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Osa by Unical, a boiler in your living room

| Designbest editorial staff


f hanging a boilder in your living room is one of your wildest dreams, we have the right piece for you: Osa by Unical. Elegant, sophisticated, streamlined and available in a variety of different colours. And we bet, Osa will become the focal point in any home.

  • What is it? Osa by Unical is a designer boiler.
  • What is special about it? With its refined design and clean aesthetics, Osa by Unical is a fresh new take on conventional boilers, turning it into a trendy piece of furniture. And there are also many colours to choose from. Top-level energy efficiency: A+ energy efficiency class, which is the best you can get with boilers.
  • How is it made? A+ energy efficiency class, clean aesthetics, curved silhouette, streamlined design (the Slim version is only 18mm deep) and a front, which is available in a variety of different colours. There’s also a version in blackboard paint.
  • Who is it by? Art-U is the in-house design studio at Unical, a leading name in boiler design. Energy efficiency, innovation, sustainability and novelty; this is Unical down to a tee. With over 40 years in the business and over 50 registered patents, Unical is at the top of its game. In fact, Unical is renowned around the world for its innovative designs and top quality technology.
  • We have chosen it because… With Osa by Unical, we can stop hiding our boilers in the corner, as are generally not so great to look at. In fact, Osa really deserves to take the pride of place in our living room. And without a doubt, it’ll be what makes our home even more beautiful. 
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