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Riva 1920, collection Pinocchio "My Book" - design Lucio Boscardin

| Designbest editorial staff


ho doesn’t recall the story of Pinocchio? From a wooden stump to a real child… Or a multifunctional cupboard, as Riva 1920 suggests. For a piece of furniture full of creativity.


  • What is it Pinocchio “My Book” by Riva 1920, the multifunctional cupboard.
  • What is it When shut it resembles the fairytale book Pinocchio (that serves as its inspiration), when open it transforms into a bookcase with an integrated study. This piece is perfect for a child’s bedroom, as well as for a versatile and creative home office.
  • How is it made It’s made from a combination of solid wood and plywood with shelves, compartments, drawers with dovetail joints, desk and pull-out stools. It opens as a book and you are able to assembled it as a corner or wall-to-wall. When shut, it reproduces the fairytale book of Pinocchio, who’s silhouette is found on the external door as well as inside.   
  • Who is it by? Who is it by. The Italian artist Lucio Boscardin is well-known for having designed “Ciao”, the mascot of the Italia ’90 World Cup. With a 40 year-long career in advertising, Lucio Boscardin has developed a strong interest in futuristic art and the art of movement, besides he loves to mould and shape different materials to explore their potential. His work is a combination of art, design and sculpture.
  • We have chosen it because… Fantasy, irony, craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability: this piece of furniture includes all the principles of a top-quality piece that centres on the pure creativity of “Made in Italy” design.  It’s able to bewitch you as well when you are opening the doors.


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