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Composition Plana, design Studio Tecnico Scarabeo 2020, Scarabeo Ceramica.

| Designbest editorial staff


rom an Italian company who has been comprehensively focused on innovation since its beginnings—from attention to design, to the quality of materials and functionality of the products—and who for over 45 years has had success both nationally and internationally, comes a project that is as simple as it functional, bringing surprising innovation into the bathroom. We went to take a sneak peek to find out what it is all about.



  • What it is Plana, the new counter proposed by Scarabeo Ceramiche.
  • What makes it special  Plana was conceived from the idea of a flexible and versatile total-look for the bathroom. From this idea comes the concept of minimal encumbrance for the washbasin counter, whether bowl-shaped or a basin, in order to leave as much space as possible for storage units or shelves to freely complete the composition.
  • How it is made  Plana is a simple sheet of bent metal on which to position the washbasin in any of its varieties. It gets placed on two thin brackets attached to the wall, well-hidden under the counter. Being a single bent piece, it resolves the classic problem of water infiltration between the counter and the wall, and it also protects it from splashes, making extra protections with tiles or other waterproof materials unnecessary. Available in three different sizes (60, 80 and 100 centimeters wide) to fit even the smallest of spaces, it is proposed in three different finishes: matte black, gray and dove gray.
  • Whose idea it is  Plana is a project developed by Scarabeo Ceramiche, the Italian company who has claimed numerous international design awards and recognition for many of its products. Founded in 1972 in Fabrica di Roma, a small town in the countryside of Viterbo, Scarabeo is specialized in the production of high-quality bathroom furniture and fixtures that are functional and innovative in design.
  • We chose it because…  Plana confirms the trend of turning the bathroom into small spaces of design, where the fixtures turn into décor that remind one less and less of the classical bathroom. Original materials, refined colors, customizable modularity and the futility of extra tiling, all of this makes the design of Scarabeo Ceramiche a project that makes us rethink typical bathroom furniture.




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